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pink and filled with bees.

woc, 20, proud slytherin, soldier of love + justice.
cat, beekeeping, and food aficionado.
currently residing somewhere between wayland and amherst, massachusetts.

i like to say a lot of things,
obsess over a lot of stuff,
drink a lot of chai,
and objectify a lot of men.
i make things sometimes, but i am also lazy.
i look like this.

i like to swear a lot and this blog is occasionally nsfw because butts.

also known as n3k0_biscuit on livejournal/newfrontiersmen and manicouch on deviantart.

also responsible for this.

this is my sister.
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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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Pokémon Crossing by luce-do-the-doodles

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Wes Anderson // Centered

The Darjeeling Limited | Wes Anderson | 2007

Fantastic Mr. Fox | Wes Anderson | 2009

The Royal Tenenbaums | Wes Anderson | 2001

The Grand Budapest Hotel | Wes Anderson | 2014

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me n bae


me n bae

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It’s like the shows you love, only evil.

My posters for UMTG’s Evil Dead The Musical! The originals are on the left, and my versions on the right.

Mark’s Meadow Auditorium
April 24th @ 8 PM
April 25th @ 8 PM
April 26th @ 12 PM + 8 PM

REBLOGGING MYSELF for opening night! 

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confession: when i was 6 i would sign into my sister’s aim account and a bunch of people would im her immediately and my mom would tell me to always send image because it “looked sweet like me” so i would just reply to everyone using that face

i think i caused a lot of confusion

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color palettes; superbass (insp)

hell yes. nicki’s color theory is so on point.


Nicki Minaj needs to teach graduate-level color theory.

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I took this photo in Florence. i was in front of them for 1 hour, trying to photograph the correct symmetry


I took this photo in Florence. i was in front of them for 1 hour, trying to photograph the correct symmetry

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be there or 


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it appears i have lost the ability to school

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