The Dumbening
art. fandom. cats. sociology and politics.
pink and filled with bees.

woc, 20, proud slytherin, soldier of love + justice.
cat, beekeeping, and food aficionado.
currently residing somewhere between wayland and amherst, massachusetts.

i like to say a lot of things,
obsess over a lot of stuff,
drink a lot of chai,
and objectify a lot of men.
i make things sometimes, but i am also lazy.
i look like this.

i like to swear a lot and this blog is occasionally nsfw because butts.

also known as n3k0_biscuit on livejournal/newfrontiersmen and manicouch on deviantart.

also responsible for this.

this is my sister.
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Mother Mother - Ghosting

29 plays
#mother mother #favorites #this song gives me so many emotions #damn this whole album does that #mother mother makes me feel better about everything

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